• Survive! The Game of Life

    Survive! The Game of Life is an iOS game based on Conway's Game of Life

  • RACPhotos

    A small wrapper of Photos.framework with ReactiveCocoa 3.

  • ScrumVotes

  • BWallpapers

    iOS App

  • BingWallpapers

    Mac App

  • Read Random Now

  • Opinion Leak

    Podcast about development

  • Miso plugin for Slogger

  • Imageholder

    Beautify your debug sessions

  • Walipa

    Adding challenges and rewards to your business.

  • Sixtemia

    I worked for 3 years at Sixtemia Mobile Studio. There I had the opportunity to develop, with a great team, a lot of projects of all kind

  • SRL Downlaoder

    Download videos from the Safari Reading List

  • AMPCraft

    A Minecraft Mod

  • Sketch Plugin: Color Theme

    Sketch plugin that generates Objective-C Color Theme files.

  • Wishfilms

    Movie tracker for iOS

  • Deprecated. /ˈdɛpɹɪkeɪt/. To declare something obsolescent

    Some things that don't see the light of the sun anymore.