Hola! Soy Alejandro Martínez, un desarrollador de software actualmente focalizado en iOS.


One of the coolest parts about Swift is how powerful all the types are. Structs are not like basic C structs, they have a lot of similarities with classes, and the same goes for the Enums. This is really good but also comes with the risk that newcomers doesn't know the differences between them. The oficial Swift blog has a great post about Value and Reference Types, read it.

In this post/playground I want to go step by step in some cases that will help newcomers understand how the different types work in Swift. It's good for people that comes form Objective-C to understand how Swift still has pointers, but hidden behind the language to make it safe. And for the newcomers, that doesn't know much about programming or pointers, will be good to understand what's actually happening behind the scenes.


A parte de mi trabajo también hago algunas aplicaciones personales para iOS.